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Who benefits from CLFMA?

Any person, H.U.F., partnership firm, company (private or public limited) or any other association of individuals or any other body with legal entity, in private, public, co-operative or any other sectors, in India or in any friendly country of the world outside India, engaged in the manufacture of compound livestock feed, manufacturer / supplier / dealer of any raw materials, oil meals and extractions, vitamin premixes, antibiotic supplements, coccidiostats, amino acids, mineral mixtures, enzymes, growth promoters, preservatives, appetizers, or feed supplement or additive, plant and machinery, laboratory equipments and chemicals, analytical laboratories, dairy and poultry farms, hatcheries breeding farms, or any other product or services related to livestock industry.

How CLFMA can help you?

The CLFMA OF INDIA, popularly known as CLFMA, is the ONLY, All-INDIA ASSOCIATION OF manufacturers of nutritionally balanced and scientifically compounded feeds for Cattle, Poultry, other animals, Fish and Prawns, and associated with LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY all over India.

CLFMA is fully committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality; safe and conversion-efficient animal feeds to livestock farmers at prices affordable to them.

Towards this end

  • CLFMA members has set up modern and efficient feed mills, with facilities for analytical testing of feed raw materials and finished feeds for providing quality assurance.
  • CLFMA has evolved standard specifications for compound feeds for Cattle, Poultry and Pigs, and also for the purchase of feed raw materials, which should help in providing quality assurance to farmers.
  • CLFMA encourages applied research into animal nutrition. CLFMA has been giving, once in three years, CLFMA AWARDS for the best research work in India.
  • CLFMA as a Information Center to members : CLFMA collects , classifies and circulates Technical, Managerial and Statistical information, besides on government policies ( Both National and International), which can help not only the members of CLFMA but also all those connected with animal production and the development of animal husbandry on scientific lines. On line, latest news and information on our website.
  • Makes representations to Central and State Governments and submit suggestions, remove obstacles on the path of progress of the industry thus providing a strong platform to voice the of the industry before the Central and state government.
  • CLFMA sponsors research/surveys/ and studies, which are necessary and helpful for the growth of livestock industry.
  • CLFMA has been successful in influencing the Empowered Select Committee of Finance Ministers of States nd Union Territories to remove "Cattle, Poultry and Fish Feed" from the category o 4% rate of Sales Tax under VAT system.
  • The solutions to other issues like restoration of exemption of ED on molasses for use in animal feeds, exemption of customs duty on import of maize and other minor cereals for use in Livestock feeds, allocation of wheat for industry at the price given to exporters, import of Fish eal and other products for shrimp and fish feeds is vigorously being pursued with the Government.
  • In recent years, other segments of the Animal production industry, Dairy & Poultry Integrators, Hatcheries, Breeding farms, Processing industries, Infrastructure providers and the like started joining CLFMA as members.
  • On-line latest National and International Information of Livestock Industry in : www.clfma.org
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